no menu plan Monday: 02.11.13

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Yep, this week is a total fail with the menu plan. I probably ought to add a big red circle with a slash up there.

It just happens that way sometimes.

We have a lot of busy evenings this week – calendar planning at church tonight, allergy shots tomorrow, Ash Wednesday services, trying to fit in trips to the gym we’re considering joining, a baby shower on Saturday and a casual get together on Sunday.

Luckily, I have a stocked freezer, a good selection of produce, a pressure cooker I’m in love with and I’m near the grocery store on a daily basis taking The Boy to and from school. It’s not a perfect week by any means, but we’ll get through. I also picked up this new paleo ebook from Multiply Delicious, and have already started a list of recipes to try. Her recipes have never failed me – in fact, she’s my one of my two go-to sites when I’m looking for something specific (the other being Nom Nom Paleo).

This isn’t the way I prefer to head into a week, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Any tips or suggestions for weeks that menu planning just doesn’t happen?

3 thoughts on “no menu plan Monday: 02.11.13

  1. If you have a stocked freezer and produce on hand, I don’t think you can call it a fail. :) You’ve already got a good start. For weeks with no menu plan, I like to pull out menu plans from the past. Have a great week!

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